Student information:


There are no classes on the following dates 2018:

Week 13 (Easter holidays)
26. March until 2. April
Classes will start again from 3. April 2018


1. May (Labor Day)

10. May (Ascension Day)

17. May (Constitution Day)

21. May (Whit Monday)




We offer a variety of language courses throughout the year ranging from six-week standard courses and thirteen-week semester courses, to an intensive One-Year Program. Our secret to effective teaching and student success begins with our small class size, which enables teachers to maximize their attention on the individual student while guaranteeing them a dynamic learning environment. All of our courses are conducted in the target/taught language.

Alfaskolen follows the CEFR levels when teaching Norwegian. A table is provided below to clarify how Alfaskolen courses align with the Norwegian Language Plan and CEFR Levels.

The language requirement in order to apply for permanent residence and/or Norwegian citizenship is a passed exam at A2 level.

Alfaskolen's Courses Corresponding Norwegian Language Plan/ CEFR Level Books/ Chapters Covered
Level 1    Intensive courses A1-A2 Norwegian A1-1 A1 På Vei, chapters 1-5
A1-A2 På Vei, chapters 6-10
Norwegian A2 A2 På Vei, chapters 11-16
Level 2 Intensive course B1 Norwegian B1-1 B1 Stein på Stein, chapters 1-5
Norwegian B1-2 B1 Stein på Stein, chapters 6-10
Norwegian B1-3 B1 Stein på Stein, chapters 11-14
Level 3 Intensive course B2 Norwegian B2-1 B2 Her på Berget, chapters 1-5
Norwegian B2-2 B2 Her på Berget, chapters 6-9
Norwegian B2-3 B2 Her på Berget, chapters 10-13