These are practical lessons to improve your conversational ability, pronunciation, and grammar in daily conversation, and are especially helpful for those who have difficulties with spoken Norwegian.

Conversation courses are not included in our Unlimited Norwegian lessons offer.  

About conversation courses

Sessions are based on work with newspapers, discussions and dialogues, and by simulating real-life situations.The teacher points out all grammatical and stylistic mistakes and helps to correct them. You will work on pronunciation, vocabulary, and idioms in order to develop your conversational ability. You will also receive individual assessments on the subjects of grammar and pronunciation.

Course levels

You can choose between these levels:







Completing the course

You can complete each level as a whole or in parts. Each session consists of 2 lesson hours. Each lesson hour lasts 45 minutes.


Course materials

Materials are included in the price of the course and are prepared for lessons by the teacher.

Course certificate

At the end of the course, if you completed 80% or more of the course's content and paid the course fee, you will receive an official digital course certificate. 


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