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Are you a health care professional and want to learn Norwegian?


Our online Health care Norwegian course (self-study) is perfect for you if you want to work in health care in Norway.


You will:

  • Learn about health care topics

  • learn Norwegian grammar

  • learn health care-related vocabulary in addition to everyday Norwegian

  • study on your own and want a clear structure

  • have control of your own development

  • study when and as much as you want



About the course

Health care Norwegian A1-B2 (self-study) is a pure self-study Norwegian course that is aimed at, for example, doctors and nurses or any other health care professional or pharmacist who wants to work in the Norwegian health care system.

On the course you will learn everyday Norwegian as well as medical and health care-related topics.

At the same time you get a framework that gives your efforts a clear structure. It helps you to have an overview of your own development in the Norwegian language with regard to the health care profession.

For this self-study course you will receive your user account information and you get access to the website in the chosen period. Remember that you also receive one hour teacher's follow-up per month. The teacher follows your progression in the program and can provide feedback. If you want one-on-one Skype follow-up, we recommend Basic Skype Package 1.

To obtain the best possible benefit from the course, knowledge of Norwegian at level A1 is assumed. That is, you should have completed level A1 before you start with our Health care Norwegian A1-B2 (self-study) course.



1 890 NOK for one month of access with 1 hour of teacher's follow-up
4 950 NOK for three months of access with 3 hours of teacher's follow-up
8 500 NOK for six months of access with 6 hours of teacher's follow-up
12 590 NOK for nine months of access with 9 hours of teacher's follow-up
15 990 NOK for twelve months of access with 12 hours of teacher's follow-up