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Our Norwegian online writing course is for anyone wanting to improve their skills in writing in Norwegian. Your private teacher will customize the course content to suit your needs and level.


Do you want to:


  • have the extra edge with your next job application or CV?

  • be more convincing and influential when writing your next report at work?

  • pass the written parts of Bergenstesten (Test i norsk høyere nivå - B2/C1) or

  • pass the written parts of Norskprøven A1/A2, A2/B1, B1/B2 and need help with writing texts such as abstracts or argumentative texts?


Course levels

Alfaskolen offers the Online writing skills course to everyone from level A2 who wants to improve their Norwegian writing skills.


Completing the course

The course consists of three 30-minute Skype meetings with a private teacher. During the first meeting, you will discuss what you want to improve and which texts you should focus on. Based on this, your teacher will assess your level and create a personalized course plan. You will be given six suitable writing exercises to match your goals and current language level. After each lesson/assignment, you will receive feedback and suggestions for related self-study.

During the course, you will be able to schedule the remaining Skype meetings to ask questions and discuss your development. You will also have unlimited access to Norsklab for three months to practice various exercises in your own spare time. 

Course duration is six weeks from the first Skype meeting.

Your online teacher will contact you within one week after the registration and after the course fee is paid. 



The Basic package consists of:

  • three 30-minute Skype meetings with your private teacher,

  • six carefully selected writing exercises for your level and

  • unlimited access to "Norsklab"(online resources with exercises for listening, reading and writing) for three months.

You can optionally add Plus packages to this basic package. One Plus package consists of:

  • one extra 30-minute Skype meeting with your personal educator

  • two additional text writing exercises


You need

  • An online device (laptop, tablet, smartphone)

  • Skype (basic account)

  • Optional, but recommended: Headphones with microphone, web camera


Course certificate

At the end of the course, you will receive an official digital course certificate. You will receive the certificate if you have finished a minimum of four of the total six writing exercises.




Basic package

- 3 Skype meetings

- 6 writing exercises

- unlimited access to Norsklab





4600 NOK



Plus package+

- 1 Skype meeting

- 2 additional writing exercises




1600 NOK


+ Can only be booked together with the Basic package.

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