Lady troll with Norwegian flag

We offer a variety of Norwegian courses, ranging from six-week standard courses and thirteen-week semester courses to an intensive One-Year Program. Our secret to effective teaching and student success begins with our small class size, which enables teachers to maximize their attention on the individual student while guaranteeing them a dynamic learning environment. All of our courses are conducted purely in Norwegian.

Alfaskolen follows the CEFR levels when teaching Norwegian. A table is provided below to clarify how Alfaskolen courses align with the Norwegian Language Plan and CEFR Levels.

The language requirement in order to apply for permanent residence and/or Norwegian citizenship is a passed exam at A2 level.

Alfaskolen's Courses Corresponding Norwegian Language Plan/ CEFR Level Books/ Chapters Covered
Level 1    Intensive courses A1-A2 Norwegian A1-1 A1 På Vei, chapters 1-5
A1-A2 På Vei, chapters 6-10
Norwegian A2 A2 På Vei, chapters 11-16
Level 2 Intensive course B1 Norwegian B1-1 B1 Stein på Stein, chapters 1-5
Norwegian B1-2 B1 Stein på Stein, chapters 6-10
Norwegian B1-3 B1 Stein på Stein, chapters 11-14
Level 3 Intensive course B2 Norwegian B2-1 B2 Her på Berget, chapters 1-5
Norwegian B2-2 B2 Her på Berget, chapters 6-9
Norwegian B2-3 B2 Her på Berget, chapters 10-13