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Our Online Norwegian coures (self-study) is perfect for you if you want to


  • study by yourself with a clear framework for progression

  • always have control over your progression

  • study at a time and intensity that is convenient for you

  • repeat a level at your own leisure


About the course

This is a pure self-study course, which allows you to control your progress and the amount of time you devote to your studies.  At the same time, you are given a framework that gives your efforts a clear structure.

You will also receive one hour of teacher's follow-up per month. The teacher follows your progress in the program and can provide feedback. If you wish to have face-to-face Skype follow-up, we recommend Basic Skype package 1


About your digital resources

The exercises you will work with in the course are from a series of digital learning resources called Min vei. The exercises will help you practice and develop all four language skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. In addition, the course gives you key vocabulary and phrases relevant for each topic and helps you apply the relevant grammatical structures.

In Min Vei, the exercises and explanations are all in Norwegian, but dictionaries in several languages are available.

Choose your level from A1 to C1. The recommended time per level is a minimum of 15 weeks.



1 590 NOK for one month of access with 1 hour of teacher's follow-up

4 250 NOK for three months of access with 3 hours of teacher's follow-up

7 990 NOK for six months of access with 6 hours of teacher's follow-up

10 990 NOK for nine months of access with 9 hours of teacher's follow-up

13 990 NOK for twelve months of access with 12 hours of teacher's follow-up