On behalf of the Norwegian Directorate for Integration and Diversity (IMDi), Alfaskolen offers 80 hours of free Norwegian language training

Do you need to strengthen your Norwegian skills? 

Do you want to improve your Norwegian skills and advance from level A2 up to level B1 or higher in oral and / or written Norwegian? 

If you are not entitled to free Norwegian language training under the Introduction Act / Integration Act or have used up your rights to free Norwegian language training, you can apply for free NorweOffer of free Norwegian language training on behalf of IMDIgian language training at Alfaskolen! 

The purpose of free Norwegian language training is to provide a targeted and flexible offer to those who need to strengthen their Norwegian skills, by offering a limited number of hours of teacher-led Norwegian language training. The long-term goal is to get you up to level B1 or higher in oral and / or written Norwegian. 

Do you have the right to receive free Norwegian language training at Alfaskolen? 

Available places on free Norwegian language training are limited, and you must meet the following requirements to participate in free Norwegian training: 

You have 

• limited Norwegian skills, with a need to learn more Norwegian, regardless of length of residence in Norway or reason for immigration. 

• used up your rights to education under the Introduction or Integration Act or have no right to such free education (municipal Norwegian language training).   

• completed upper secondary education as a minimum education level. 

• the potential to go from level A2 till level B1 or higher in Norwegian orally. 

• unfortunately, no right to free Norwegian language training, if you are participating, or have participated, in training funded by «Kompetansepluss» previously.  


How do you apply for free Norwegian language training? 


  1.  Fill in this application form. 

  1. You must fill in the above online form FIRST. We will inform you about your intake appointment after we have received your application.  


   1. You must present a valid photo ID in person at the reception of Alfaskolen in Kongens gate 15, Oslo.

   2. You will have to take a placement test in order to evaluate your level of Norwegian.


You will receive confirmation from Alfaskolen if you have been granted a place on the course. 

If you do not get a place on free Norwegian language training in the autumn semester, no problem. You can sign up for our regular Norwegian courses or apply for a free place for the spring semester. 


Remember that if you are granted a place on free Norwegian language training, your registration is binding! 

The training consists of 80 lessons (one lesson = 45 minutes), over four consecutive weeks. 80% participation is required to receive course certificates. 


You cannot participate in several free courses on behalf of IMDI ​​with other private providers at the same time.


Free Norwegian language training summer course (level A2, B1, or B2) consisting in total of 80 lessons in the classroom, 20 lessons per week (Mondays til Thursdays). This is the equivalent of 4 out of 8 weeks of our regular summer courses.  

You can read about our regular summer courses here: Norwegian Summer Courses 2021 in Oslo.

Course dates: 28.06 - 22.07.2021, 05.- 29.07.2021, 12.07.- 05.08.2021 and 19.07.- 12.08.2021. 

Choose between a morning or an afternoon course. Lessons are from Mondays til Thursdays. No lessons on Fridays. 

  Summer course morning course Summer course afternoon course
 Three lessons a 45 min   08:30-10:45  12:45-15:00
 Break  15 min  15 min
 Self-study  11:00-11:45  15:15-16:00
 One lesson a 45 min  11:45-12:30  16:00 -16:45


Books are NOT included in the free Norwegian language training summer course. The costs of books need to be covered by the participant with this offer.


Welcome to Alfaskolen!!