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One-Year Program enrollment for Visa Students

The One-Year Norwegian Language and Social Studies Program for 2019/2020 covers a total of 654 lesson hours. The program starts on 02. September 2019 and ends on 17. July 2020.

The course price is NOK 64.750, which includes a non-refundable 10% application fee.

Alfaskolen advices all students required any form of Visa to check their Visa possibilities and their recommended application timeline, with the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) BEFORE applying to Alfaskolens courses. It is the student's own responsibility to apply for, track, and follow through with their own visa process. Students should allow themselves several months to apply for and receive an answer regarding their visa. 

Once you have checked your possibilities with the UDI, you are ready to begin the application process, please click on the green sign-up button on top of this page. Please fill out the form and send it back to us after you have read the school regulations. The regulations have important information about course registration and cancellation policies. You can find the regulations here.






 1. August

 The pre-registration form has to be  filled out and sent in through our  website before or on this date.

 Submission of written  application package


 8. August

 The written application package  must be by Alfaskolen before or on  this date.


 17. August

 The entire payment of NOK 64  750,- must be credited to  Alfaskolen before or on this date.

Step 1: Pre-registration


  1. Choose the program you would like to register for and click on the green sign-up bottom on top of selected program page.
  2. Fill out the pre-registration form and click on the sign-up button at the bottom of the page. Please read the school regulations before registering for the Program.
  3. You have now received an email containing five attachments. These documents must be enclosed with your written application package after paying the 10% application fee.
  4. You have the option to pay immediately by visa/PayPal or choose to receive/print out your payment information letter in order to pay in your bank or wire transfer the non-refundable 10% application fee.


 Pay now – Visa or Bank transfer

 Pay within 21 days – bank or online transfer
 By choosing this option you will pay the 10% non-  refundable application fee immediately. You will  receive confirmation of payment. Please print this  out and attach it to the written application package.

 By clicking this option you can print out the payment  letter and send the 10% application fee by wire  transfer or by paying through your bank. Please  attach the receipt to the written application package.


Step 2: Send written application package

  1. In step 1.III you received an email with five attachments and further instructions on how to submit your written application package. Please gather all necessary documents as described in the email.
  2. The application package should be sent within each program deadline (the application package must be postmarked by this date). For information on the program deadlines, please click on the selected Program in the left-side menu.
  3. Applications received after the deadline will only be processed:
    • If there is available space in the program.


Step 3: Pay the remaining balance due

  1. After the written application has been accepted by the school, Alfaskolen sends a confirmation email and a payment information letter for the remaining balance.


Written application package

The written application package (WAP) is a collection of documents we need in order to process and review your application. This package must be sent to us after you have pre-registered for the program and paid the 10% application fee. Information and instructions on how to submit your written application package is sent via email in step 1.III
The written application package must contain the following documents:

  1. One passport-sized photograph
    Write your name on the reverse side of the photograph with pencil. The photograph should be of good quality.
  2. Copy of passport
    Applicants must submit copy of the pages of their passport showing personal data and the photo. Citizens of the European Union/European Economic Area may submit a copy of their National Identity Card instead of a passport.
    If you reside in Norway, you must submit both a copy of a valid residence permit (oppholdstillatelse) and a copy of the pages of your passport showing persona data and photo
  3. Signed course agreement
    Print out the course agreement and signed it.
  4. Documentation of your education
    Please attach copy of your school/university certificates/diplomas in order to confirm your educational background.
  5. CV
    Tell us about your work experience, education and previous courses.
  6. Statement of purpose
    Your statement of purpose should be one page, typed. Tell us why you want to join the One-Year Program, how it would help you fulfill future goals, or how it relates to your current situation or employment. Please limit your statement to one page.
  7. Letter of recommendation
    Please submit one letter of recommendation from a person who is not related to you by blood or marriage. The reference should give information regarding your character, intellectual ability, and seriousness of purpose. It can be your teacher, boss, or a person you work with. Keep in mind we might contact the reference to discuss his opinion of you. Please ask your references to limit his/her letter to one page.
  8. Receipt of payment of 10 % non-refundable applications fee
    No application is complete until the application fee is paid in full. The application fee is equal to 10% of the full course fee and is not refundable (the application fee is 6475,- Norwegian kroner). The application fee counts towards your course fee.
    The application fee can be paid using one of the following options:
    • Paying at your bank
    • Using your online bank account
    • Paying with a Norwegian bank card in person at Alfaskolen
    • Paying with cash in person at Alfaskolen (an additional fee of NOK 50 per invoice will apply)
  9. Power of attorney (Optional)
    If you wish to give another person authorization to follow up on your application at Alfaskolen on your behalf please fill out this form. If not, please disregard this section.
  10. The written application checklist, with signature.

If all your documents are in order, you will be granted admission into the One-Year Norwegian Language Social Studies Program at Alfaskolen AS. You will receive an email granting you admission into the program, with a payment information letter for the remaining balance, 90%.

OBS: Incomplete applications will not be accepted and documents submitted with the applications will not be returned. You will be notified if the application is incomplete.

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