School regulations Alfaskolen


1.1. The school is antiracial, apolitical and non-religious. Students and teachers come here to learn and not to convince others of their beliefs and convictions.
1.2. Both teachers and students should work in pleasant conditions. Quarrelling, swearing and using offensive language are forbidden. Do not laugh at or criticise other classmates' mistakes. Remember that everybody is here to learn.
1.3. Course registrations are limited to students celebrating 18 years of age or more during the calendar year in which the course in question is taking place. Students under this age limit will not be admitted to courses.
1.4. Alfaskolen provides courses in Norwegian and Social Studies to both students who are covered by the Norwegian introductory program (LINK) and those who are not covered by the program (LINK). Both groups of students must pay for courses as Alfaskolen is a private provider of Norwegian lessons. (Links only in Norwegian)
1.5. It is forbidden to smoke inside the building. Persons smoking outside the building are asked not to throw any cigarette ends or anything else on the building stairs or around. Persons caught smoking inside the building will be charged a fine in the amount of 500,- NOK.
1.6. Persons under the influence of alcohol and/or any other substances will be asked to leave the school with no right to compensation for missed lessons.
1.7. Teachers are there to help the students within the school's syllabus. They do not translate letters or other texts nor do they fill out application forms, etc. The teacher's task is to teach according to the Norwegian syllabus.
* Violation of regulations #1.1- #1.6 will be followed by an official warning; repetitive behavior will ultimately lead to expulsion from the school with no right to any refund of the value of the remaining classes of the participant's course.

Courses and lessons:

2.1. Everybody is expected to come to class on time, regardless of the nature of the session (incl. make-up/drop in). When someone is late, he/she will disturb others in the class and distract the teacher.
2.2. Mobile phones need to be switched off or changed to a vibration mode. If a student is expecting an important call, he/she should turn down the volume to lowest level, sit down near the door and when receiving the call, leave for the reception.
2.3. Questions connected to the lesson can be asked only during the lesson. The teacher has the right and duty to rest during the breaks.
2.4. Any questions regarding our courses or school should be forwarded to the reception, not to the teachers.
2.5. (Does not apply for One-Year Program, Christmas and Easter courses) Changing from one course group to another during a given course due to extraordinary and unexpected circumstances (e.g. illness of a close family member) can be arranged, but will be charged with a fee. The course participant will continue lessons in a new equivalent group from the point where he/she ended lessons in the old group. Changing the course group can be arranged ONLY after notifying the reception with a valid ground in written form and presenting the cause (i.e. doctors note regarding illness). The school does not accept course change requests by phone.
The fees for changing are as follows:

  1. Intensive PLUS A1, A2, B1, B2 courses:        15 % of the full course fee.
  2. Summer courses:                                            20 % of the first week’s course fee.
  3. All other courses:                                            20 % of the full course fee
    2.5-1Students have the possibility to take a free placement test on Alfaskolens website or at school to check their level before signing up for a course. Alfaskolen does not allow students to change or withdraw from a course they are participating in due to their own mistaken estimate of a course level

2.6. If the student is no longer able to participate in the course due to illness, he/she needs to present the right medical documentation to the reception in order to be allowed to have the remaining hours of the course refunded. The amount of the refund will count from the day the school has received the documentation (NOT from the date that is stated on the document). A service fee of 250,- NOK will be added by the school.
2.7. Participants unable to take part in a lesson due to unexpected events have the right to participate in 1 session (make-up session) for Standard course groups and 2 Make-up sessions for Intensive PLUS course, free of charge, on the condition that there is a course taking place on the same level in that particular period, within the following 4 weeks. The right to take make-up sessions expires 4 weeks after the end of the course. Changes/cancellations of reserved Make-up sessions has to be informed to the reception, in writing, atleast 24 hours in advance of the reserved session. Any changes/cancelation notified later than 24 hours before, the Make-up session cannot be rescheduled.
2.8. Participants have the right to purchase additional lessons in other groups, so called drop-in classes, on the condition that there is a place available. The price for Drop-in sessions on Intensive PLUS courses are 600,- NOK per session. Drop-in sessions on all other courses cost 500,- NOK per session.
2.9. For courses which are on special offer, the conditions of the given promotion apply. Each participant is also supposed to be acquainted with the general school regulations before enrolling in a course which is on special offer.
2.10. A scheduled course will start when the required minimum number of participants as mentioned on the website has signed up. The school holds the right to cancel or postpone a course when the number of confirmed participants is lower than required. The school also holds the right to change/adjust starting dates, times and teachers.
2.11. Participants taking part in 1-on-1 individual lessons, drop-in sessions and make-up sessions are allowed to postpone a lesson latest 24 hours before the scheduled meeting. In case the school is notified too late or in case of a no-show, the participant will be charged for the missed-out lesson.
2.12. The use of course books and material is obligatory. The cost of books is NOT included in the course fees. Course books can be purchased at our school, in a Norwegian bookshop or online. Only when the school clearly provides the information that the course materials are included in the price, there will not be any obligation for purchasing books.

2.13. Our courses progress at a fast pace and require familiarity with the Latin alphabet. Courses are taught in the same language that is being taught and suit students on Spor 3.
2.14. At the end of the last lesson of each course, each participant who has been attending more than 80 % of the courses classes will be issued an official course certificate. This certificate is included in the course fee. Additional copies can be issued at the reception for 50,- NOK per copy. Unclaimed certificates are saved by the school for a maximum of four years after the course is completed. After four years unclaimed certificates are destroyed and can no longer be retrieved.

Registration and payment:

3.1. Participants are personally responsible for checking whether they are coved by the Norwegian introductory program or not and for providing Alfaskolen with correct data during registration process. Alfaskolen does NOT take responsibility for incorrect or incomplete personal information provided by participants during registration process. Please address all questions concerning the Introductory program to UDI.

3.2. Registrations are only accepted in writing: one can sign up for a course online or by visiting our school in person.
3.3. A registration for the course will be confirmed and binding, when the school has received:
a) a completed online registration form through Alfaskolen's website, followed by a confirmation through the link sent to the indicated email address;
OR b) an e-mail which includes the applicants name, address, phone number and date of birth, plus the name and starting date of the course, and a confirmation that he/she has read and accepted Alfaskolen's school regulations;
OR c) a completed and signed course agreement ('kursavtale') which is available at the school's reception.
3.4. If not the applicant, but e.g. the employer or host family will be paying for the course, then this third party needs to confirm this to the school by e-mail. As long as this confirmation has not been received by the school, the applicant will be held responsible for covering the costs for his/her course.
3.5. After the course registration is confirmed, an e-mail or letter which includes detailed information about how to make the payment for the course will be sent to the applicant. The course fee(s) must be paid latest on the payment due date ('betalingsfrist').
3.6. The invoice for the course can be paid by:
- using an online bank account ('nettbank')
- at the post office or in the bank
- paying with a bank card (Visa or Mastercard) at our school
- paying in cash at our school (an additional fee of 50,- NOK will apply for each invoice)
3.7. It is important to bear in mind that most banks charge additional service fees regarding international bank transfers:
Alfaskolen's bank DNB charges the following fees for international incoming payments:
- amount < 5.000,- NOK or the equivalent value in foreign currency: 50,- NOK fee
- amount > 5.000,- NOK or the equivalent value in foreign currency: 100,- NOK fee
Alfaskolen does NOT cover these additional costs: the service fees plus the fee(s) charged by the course payer's own bank are to be covered by the course payer.
3.8. For all courses (except One Year Program) the total amount to be paid for the course has to be paid LATEST ONE DAY before the first lesson of the course takes place. Alfaskolen has the right to ask for a proof of payment on the first day of the course.
3.9. The full course fee for the One Year Program has to be paid within 10 days from the date of receiving the payment information letter (see regulation #3.5). The students admission to these courses is only confirmed after the payment of the full course amount (additional bank service fees NOT included) has been recorded on Alfaskolen's bank account.
3.10. If desired, an official letter confirming the admission to the course can be sent to the student, e.g. in order to apply for a visa (more information to be found under the paragraph 'Visa and Student Deposit Account'). This letter will only be sent after the payment of the full course amount (additional bank service fees NOT included) has been recorded on Alfaskolen's bank account. If the courseregistration gets cancelled by the participant after recieving the confirmation letter and payment are requested refunded, a fee of 1450,- NOK will be charged off the completed payment. This rule will in this case supersede Rule 4.3 and 4.4.
3.11. Registration for the course, either through internet or course agreement ('kursavtale'), is binding. However, Alfaskolen does allow participants to resign from a course registration list before the start of the course in certain situations. See paragraph ''Resignation and Cancellation fees' for more detailed information.
3.12. If on the first day of the course the participant decides not to start the course, he/she will nonetheless be obliged to pay the full course amount as stated on his/her invoice/payment information letter.
3.13. All course fees (except One Year Program) can be paid in two instalments after consultation with the reception. The first instalment will include an additional fee of 200,- NOK. This possibility applies only to persons with residence in Norway and who have a Norwegian Personal number. Due to administrative reasons, this option is only possible when the participant informs the school about this directly when signing up.
3.14. The course fee for the Intensive B1 and B2 Courses can be paid in three equal installments and the One Year Program in four equal instalements respectively, after consultation with the reception. This possibility applies only to persons with residence in Norway and who have a Norwegian Personal number. Due to administrative reasons, this option is only possible when the participant informs the school about this directly when signing up.
3.15. Invoices/payments which are not paid by the due date ('betalingsfrist') will be processed and executed according to the Norwegian law and the amount due will be registered in the Norwegian debt collection office ('Inkasso'). The 'Inkasso' is an external institution that calculates and charges forced additional costs to the actual amount due.
3.16. Alfaskolen has the right to withhold the participant's course certificate ('kursbevis') on the last lesson, if the participant's course has not yet been paid.

Resignation and Cancellation fees:

4.1. Norwegian “angrerett”: Registrations carried out on Alfaskolen’s website are subject to the Norwegian «right to withdraw» (Angreretten) kap.6 § 20. The withdrawal deadline is 14 days (as in kap.6 § 21) from the day upon which the course participant receives the email confirming the registration. The sent withdrawal form may be filled out and sent in at the latest on the day of the deadline. The form can be sent by email to, or by mail to Kongens gate 15, 0153 Oslo. According to § 26 of “Angreretten”, the participant is obliged to pay for all attended sessions when exercising the right to withdraw. Registrations carried out at the Alfaskolen premises are subject only to Alfaskolen’s own resignation conditions:
4.2. Resignations for courses are only accepted when they are presented on time in a written form, either by e-mail, through the school's website or at the reception. The school does not accept any resignation over the phone. A registration for a course will be considered as binding until a written resignation is received by the school.
4.3. Alfaskolen has the following policy regarding resignations (does not apply to visa applicants):

  1. Alfaskolen allows resignations from the course list free of charge when the resignation is received in written form 8 or more calendar days before the course start date. (Example: if a course starts on 15 January, the participant can resign from this course free of charge up to and including 7 January.)
  2. Registrants who have already paid the course fee but decide to resign 8 or more calendar days before the course’s start date will get their full course fee refunded.
  3. Registrants resigning from the course 7 calendar days or less before the course start date will not be obliged to pay the full course amount, but WILL be charged a resignation fee (see regulation #4.4). (Example: if a course starts on 15 January and the participant resigns in the period 8 – 14 January, he/she will be charged a resignation fee.)
  4. Registrants who have already paid the course fee and decide to resign 7 calendar days or less before the course’s start date, will get their course fee refunded, minus a resignation fee (see regulation #4.3).
  5. Resignations received on or after the first day of the course are not accepted. Registrants will be charged the full course fee as stated on the course invoice(s).
  6. Registrants who have been accepted to the One-Year Program and do not require a visa can cancel their registration up to 30 calendar days before the program start date. An additional resignation fee applies (see regulation #4.4). Resignations received 29 calendar days or less before the program start date are not accepted.
  1. 4 Alfaskolen’s resignation fees are as follows:
    a. One-Year Program: 10 % of the full course fee.
    b. Intensive courses PLUS A1, A2, B1, B2      15 % of the full course fee.
    d. Summer/Christmas/Easter courses:            20 % of the first week’s course fee.
    e. All other courses:                                         20 % of the full course fee
    f. Other than regulation #2.6 and #4.1, the participant holds no right to any form of refund or compensation for the paid course amount or amount due in case he/she decides to leave/is forced to leave the course earlier than the scheduled course end date.

4.5. Any interest accrued on funds held in any Alfaskolen bank account is the sole property of Alfaskolen AS.

Visa and Student Deposit Account:

5.1. Applicants who need an official Admission Letter from the school in order to apply for a visa/permit are obliged to pay the full course fee (additional bank service fees NOT included) before such a document will be issued and sent. If the courseregistration gets cancelled by the participant after recieving the Admission letter and payment are requested refunded, a fee of 1450,- NOK will be charged off the completed payment. This rule will in this case supersede Rule 4.3 and 4.4.
5.2. Alfaskolen has established a Student Deposit Account (from now on called SDA) for course applicants, who in order to apply for a visa/permit need to store a certain amount of money on a Norwegian bank account. The SDA is available ONLY for applicants who need to apply for a visa/permit.
5.3. The full course fee and the deposit amount due to be paid to the SDA are two separate items: the course fee is NOT a part of the deposit amount.
5.4. Applicants who are granted a visa/permit based on admission to a course at Alfaskolen in order to learn Norwegian are obliged to obtain a minimum attendance of 80 % of the lessons.
5.5. Students are obliged to open a personal bank account in their name in a Norwegian bank within three months after arrival to Norway. ONLY after the student has presented official documentation from the bank that a new account has been established in the students name, Alfaskolen will transfer the full deposit amount from the SDA to the students own Norwegian personal bank account The applicant cannot claim the accrued interest on the deposit.
5.6. Other than regulation #5.3 Alfaskolen does not allow ANY other transactions to be made on the SDA.
5.7. If the visa application is rejected/denied, Alfaskolen will refund the course fee to the applicant, after having deducted a 10 % cancellation fee. Alfaskolen will also refund the full deposit amount from the SDA to the applicant. The applicant cannot claim the accrued interest on the course fee and deposit.
5.8. The refunds from regulation #5.6 will only be carried out after Alfaskolen has received a scan/copy of an official letter from the Norwegian Embassy, Consulate or UDI, which states that the visa application has been rejected/denied.
5.9. In no case the school will guarantee in advance that the student will be granted a visa; the school is thus not liable in the event of visa refusal or expiry.
5.10. It is up to the applicant to find out about the possibilities and requirements regarding visa. This can be done at the local Norwegian Embassy / Consulate or at the Norwegian Immigration Department ( Alfaskolen only provides information about its school and courses and not about visa regulations and conditions.
5.11. The following rule regarding course resignation applies to registrants who have applied for a visa: Registrants who require a visa, have been admitted to a course/program, and have received a Letter of Admission can only resign if his/her visa application is rejected/denied. No other resignations are accepted.

*This English version of the school regulations is a translation only and is not binding or official. The only binding and official version is the Norwegian version.


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