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During Easter, Alfaskolen is closed from April 15th until April 22nd 2019. All classes start again from April 23rd 2019.

Some of our courses starting soon
(sorted by level):

Standard A1-2
26th of March
17:00 - 19:15

Weekend A1-2
29th of March
Friday 18:00 - 20:15
Saturday 12:00 - 14:15

Intensive plus A2
25th of March
09:00 - 13:10

Standard B1-2
27th of March
17:00 - 19:15

Intensive plus B2 part 1
1st of April
09:00 - 13:10

Intensive B2-1
25th of March
13:15 - 15:40

Conversation B2-C1
29th of March
8 x Fridays
17:30 - 19:00

Before deciding to enroll in the program and coming to Norway, please be sure that you are financially prepared. The cost of living in Norway is quite high.





Monthly expenses
Accommodation can vary depending on the type and location of housing you want. The cost can range from 6 000,- to 25 000,- NOK per month. For information on accommodation offered through Alfaskolen, please click here. Other general monthly expenses such as food, electricity, water, heat, Internet, and other essentials can range between 4 000 NOK and 8 000 NOK.

The exchange rate for Norwegian kroner can change daily, but in general is as follows:





Currency 1 Euro 1 US dollar 1 GB pound
Norwegian kroner 9,- 8,- 12,-

OBS! These are estimated rates. For actual exact rates, please contact your bank.

Food prices in Norway
Here are a few examples of food prices in Oslo:
  • Milk:
17,- NOK
  • Bread:
29,- NOK
  • Chicken breast 1kg:
160,- NOK
  • Tomato 1kg:
45,- NOK
  • Frozen pizza:
55,- NOK
  • Bananas 1kg:
31,- NOK
  • Beer 0,5 l in a café
70,- NOK
  • Cup of coffee in a café:
38,- NOK
  • Beef steak in a restaurant:
260,- NOK
  • Pizza in a restaurant:
190,- NOK
  • One-way ticket bus/metro:    
32,- NOK
  • Monthly ticket bus/metro:
690,- NOK
  • Pack of cigarettes (20p):
112,- NOK  

OBS! These are estimated rates. For actual exact rates, please contact your bank.